8 Ball Pool Mobile

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Wanna get into a heated billiard competition on your smartphone? 8 Ball Pool Mobile is just the right kind of a game that will allow you to enjoy fascinating pool matches with realistic physics and colorful graphics any place, any time! It will also give you a wonderful chance to compete with other online players or even invite your own buddies to a friendly contest through social networks. Just choose your opponent and enter the elegant battle of cues unfolding on your screen!

The gameplay is similar to any other pool game. The aiming of the cue is performed with your finger. To hit the ball in the needed direction, simply swipe across the screen. You also need to pay attention to the balls you’re targeting – there are two types of them, one should be pocketed by you and the other by your rival. Don’t mix them up! At the end of the match, the points for all the balls you managed to score will be summed up and you’ll find out who’s the winner.

Aside from offering a pretty lifelike emulation of the whole process, 8 Ball Pool Mobile is also an eye-friendly game with a colorful design that will surely appeal to your aesthetic perception. There are also adjustable settings and in-game chat where you can exchange prewritten messages with your rival. Add the ability to improve you cue for coins and take part in tournaments of different level – and you get a great option to spend your free evening. Billiard has never been so available and so fascinating!

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