8 Ball Pool

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Billiard is a game that is associated with parties and leisure lifestyle. Indeed, what can be more relaxing and enjoyable than hanging out with your friends over a table covered in a green cloth, having a small talk and commenting on each other’s performance while chalking your cue, then aiming gracefully and making a shot, watching those colorful balls roll in all directions promptly dropping into the pockets? You can spend many hours doing it without even notice the passage of time. And if you don’t have the opportunity to play real billiards right now, welcome to 8 Ball Pool, a perfect imitation of your favorite game that will give you just the same kind of emotions even though it’s only virtual!

Right after the launch you’ll have to pass a little training. You can’t skip it, but it only takes around half a minute and will quickly familiarize you with the controls and all the peculiarities of the gameplay. To make a shot, simply move the cue in the needed direction. You can also move the aim itself. After that, look at the lower left corner. There is a bar indicating the force of your shot. You need to adjust it as well to define the momentum you’re willing to give to the ball.

The gameplay consists of online matches with real people. There is a special button that will instantly find a random opponent for you among all those players ready to join the game now. Once the choice is made, you’ll find yourself in a room with a pool table – it looks pretty nice and the visuals are generally vibrant and pleasant to the eye. Let’s take a short overview of the rules. Your goal is to drive the ball into the pocket. But not just any ball – the white and the black one are off limits. You also can’t score the balls of the opponents that are defined by the appearance of the ball they drove in first. For instance, if the first ball you scored was with white sides, this is exactly the type of balls you have to drive in for the rest of the game. If you managed to score one ball, you’ll gain another attempt and will keep going until you fail. In that case the turn will be handed down to your opponent.

There are also adjustable settings where you can choose such parameters as cue sensitivity, vibration and so on. This way, you can come up with the most convenient gaming mechanics that will suit you personally. So, are you ready to demonstrate your billiard skills and win match after match to see your rating soar? Then launch 8 Ball Pool right now and enjoy the action!

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