8 Ball Pool Multiplayer

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This game will immerse a player into the world of sport, namely billiards. First, the player gets free coins – they can use them to enter the game. The essence of each level is simple – the player takes the cue and pushes the ball with it. The ball must hit the hole – for this the player gets points. If a player wins, they also get his opponent’s coins. Coins can be used to open new levels and tasks, which by default are blocked. In choosing the tournament, the player must win three games in a row. For each victory, they will get different bonuses.

Using coins the player can unlock new items or different bonuses that make the game easier and more effective. In the game, there is a daily reward in the form of coins. To get it the player must enter the game every day. There is also a lottery, which allows the player to win a random item. Separately need to pay attention to the equipment in the game. It is impossible to play without having a cue. Each cue has its own features! Each cue has different parameters that greatly affect the game.

The game always has a lot of players all around the world – the player can play with them or invite friends. The game has multiplayer, which means the player does not have to play with the computer. To use multiplayer it is necessary to have a good Internet connection. Control of the game by using the mouse to select targets and impact, and the arrow buttons allow them to rotate the cue and place it in a comfortable position.

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